Some of the events which college organizes to develop their skills are the followings :

1. Folk dance competition,
2. patriotic song competition,
3. Elocution competition,
4. Independence Day Celebration,
5. Teachers' Day Celebration,
6. Karma festival ( Tribal Festival ),
7. Micro Teaching ,
8. Demonstration Lesson,
9. Criticism Lesson,
10. Practice teaching,
11. annual Sports' Day,
12. drawing competition,
13. Painting competition,
14. Alpna and Rangoli Making competition,
15. Quiz competition,
16. Paper Flower Arrangement,
17. Annual College Day,
18. Prize Distribution Day,
19. Skit competition,
20. Leadership Training Programmes,
21. Family Life Education,
22. Educational Tour,
23. Legal Literacy Programmes,
24. Computer Programmes,
25. craft, Tailoring, Gardening,
26. Community Living,
27. Music Class,
28. Dance Class,
29. Mass Drill,
30. Bharat scout and Guide Programme,
31. Remedial Teaching for Mathematics and English,
32. taking Parts in competition arranged by the District and the state Level.,
33. Computer,
34. Project work,
35. terminal Test,
36. Monthly Test,
37. Solo Song competition,
38. Regular Evaluation.

Leaders of the College:-
1. Prime Minister -Sabina Tirkey
Asst. Prime Minister -Abha Kujur
2. Prayer Minister -Ranjana Kachhap
Asst. Prayer Minister -Silwanti Kerketta
3. Cultural Minister -Sunita Kullu
Asst.Cultural Minister -Jyoti Kripalata Horo
4. Food Minister -Punam Minj
Asst. Food Minister -Suman Kerketta
5. Health Minister -Sharda Minj
Asst. Health Minister -Mary Guretti Beck
6. Game Minister -Lalita Hemrom
Asst. Game Minister -Archana Lakra
7. Leader for Community Life -Archana Barwa
Asst. Leader for Community Life -Jyoti Dungdung
8.Health Care Society Minister -Prafulit Tiru
Asst. Health Care Society Minister -Sudha Minj
9. Light Minister -Rafila Lakra
Asst. Light Minister -Cecilia Tirkey
10. Communication Minister -Sangita Minj
Asst. Communication Minister -Sunita Kumari